Aly Nazerali

Looking for Aly Nazerali?  Then you must be looking for a family man.  Aly Nazerali has always held family in the highest regard.  Even from a very young age, Aly Nazerali knew the importance of family.  And today, he is a devoted father.

aly nazeraliFamily played a big role in Aly Nazerali’s life as a young boy in the Congo where he grew up.  It was his parents who instilled the value of a good education.  He took that to heart and excelled in school, graduated early and applied to Columbia University at the age of 15.

It was Aly’s father who came to the rescue when Columbia learned of Aly’s age and told him not to come to school.  At that time, no one under the age of 17 was allowed to live on campus.  The University sent a letter to Aly’s family saying he was too young and should not come.  His father wrote back taking full responsibility for Aly and that was enough.  Aly traveled to New York and made his way on his own, knowing all the while he had the backing and love of his family.

After graduation, it was Aly’s turn to give back to his family.  Due to political unrest in their home country of Congo, the Nazerali family had to leave the country, along with thousands of other citizens of Indian and Asian decent, with little notice and were forced to leave most of their assets behind.  Aly met his family in Canada, which was to be the new family home.  He helped is family settle before he entered the workforce.

The close connection to family is also seen in Aly’s strong belief in giving back to his community.  He still practices the family’s tradition of community service which dates to the turn of the 20th century when his grandfather helped start a school in Moshi, Tanzania.  As an adult, Aly joined with his family to start a boarding school for girls in a very poor part of India in hopes of starting more family traditions of education and to give these girls a way to make money and improve their quality of life.  Aly is most proud of the family’s donation of the Nazerali-Walji Building for ambulatory care services and the Aga Khan University Hospital complex.

Family has and will always be a very important part of what makes Aly Nazerali the man he is today.

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